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Promo CD 2009: A new brilliant star rising in the horizon is what emerges when from Denmark. This wave/rock pop act surprise us with an advance of the upcoming album, offering a complete facet of his skills as a musician. Opening the album is 'Invert', an interesting exposition of subtle melodies covered with sticking elements floating throughout the whole track, and a very well vocal performance.
'Shiny Glass Eyes' is a composition with different elements and this time with amazing work of synth and voice effects. Through the third one called 'Unavoidable', a more aggressive atmosphere is exposed to its maximum level, with sticking work of bass and guitar parts surrounded by the almost perfect voice(s) of Unexploded and such rhythmic patterns around the whole track.
'Bitchslapping A Crocodile' is just brilliant, perfect, going in equilibrium with the whole concept in general. The voice here is incredibly great, and the use of certain atmospheres and percussive elements give you more reasons to be anxious to hear the final album. Be blinded by the brightness of such an unexploded star shining at the horizon.
'Unavoidable' and 'Bitchslapping A Crocodile' literally kicked us out... The demurring gravitational tug of 'Invert' is neigh on impossible to resist, a sublime slice of tenderly amorphous panoramic dream pop metered out by looping clock working beats, lunar synth swirls, celestial opines and shimmering riff chimes all seductively harnessed upon a pulsar like lovelorn liquid landscape set upon the subtle foundations of an acutely pop calibrated kraut dialect, we suspect we need to hear more and soon.
Promo CD: Unexploded ventures off to a synth rock style, utilizing many layers of music and combining rock and electro to create his own distinct style. 'Unavoidable' is a track about how peoples greed for more and more money will eventually cause another crisis. 'Venom' is a very catchy track, a bit more pop oriented, but it still sounds very well crafted. Unexploded was a very pleasant surprise, and I hope for Unexploded that he can get his name out there. I think he'll be able to find a good audience. Looking forward to hearing more from this artist.
Promo CDM: This project delivers a pure crossover style mixing different styles like new wave, rock and pop with each other. The opening cut 'Unavoidable' impressed me for the amazing production and stereo effects! Unexploded reveals a mature sound and cool mix of impressive guitar parts and new wave bass lines. The new wave influence is a kind of red line running through the tracks, but it's just a kind of background influence. Unexploded is hard to classify, but reveals a progressive sound. The 4 songs are quite diversified in influences. The quieter and wafting 'Bitchslapping A Crocodile' reveals an amazing amount of little details in the writing. ...This is a great piece of music!
Promo CDM: Unexploded is a pleasant acquaintance from our neighboring country Denmark. Unexploded is a one-man project consisting of a gentleman who calls himself Unexploded. As a teaser for Unexploded's forthcoming album, Unexploded has released a promo-maxi with four tracks that have already received attention around in the world. The music can be described as a sort of synth rock, that is not overly complicated, but feels very awake and alert. On Unexploded's MySpace page you'll find FSOL, Underworld and Pink Floyd as influences, which makes sense when you hear the music.
The first track is called 'Unavoidable' and is a good poisonous song where the refrain firmly etches into the listeners mind. 'Invert' is track two and is clearly the strongest track. The song is nice, has suspense and a great pop touch. The other two songs are introvert synth rock that works, but it is 'Unavoidable' and 'Invert' are two really strong cards. Unexploded's voice sounds good on all tracks. Unexploded has their own identity and are definitely worth discovering. The music is interesting and I am eagerly waiting to hear what Unexploded can do on his upcoming album.
Promo: Danish electro rockers Unexploded classify themselves as 'trip rock', the genre usually affiliated with bands like Massive Attack and the like. Their four-track promo EP serves as an appetizer for their upcoming full length record next year. Musically, the act are trippy alright. Their soundscapes are extremely loose, often making the listener feel like swimming underneath the surface of a mammoth-size lake at night (thin parallels to Thrice's 'Water' ep on 'The Alchemy Index' can also be heard). In other words: their sound is gloomy as hell. Think Massive Attack here. The voice of their vocalist appears kind of frightening, consisting mostly of deep spoken-word passages, often with intense lyrical messages and kind of resemble Rammstein's vocals. Pretty interesting overall.
4-Track Promo: This is the first time that I review a disc which is not really intended for publication since the good old punkrocker days... Unexploded is an electro solo project from Denmark. From the studio Unexploded produces this dense, atmospheric and sometimes psychedelic drifting sound that after the 20th time still is seductive and tempting to listen to.
A pleasant and sometimes also slightly bitter feeling that in the long run ultimately carry the Dane forward on his trip... The song Invert is a delicacy, which really reveals the true multilayeredness of Unexploded's creativity. According to release plan the first album of unexploded is due in 2009. We wait with anticipation and excitement.
Unexploded is different enough to stand on its own. There is no shortage of electronic music. The trick is finding acts that stand out... When you find an act like Unexploded, you start to think there might be hope after all.
Venomlake (promo EP); Limited promo release from Copenhagen based act Unexploded, which is the creative genius of singer/songwriter/producer of the same name. The tracks on offer really showcase Unexploded's creative studio know how, and with elements of electro and wave this EP gives a great insight into the world of the creator.
Unexploded plays atmospheric electro-rock, dominated by epic synths, chanting vocals and condensed layers of grumbling guitars. One easily dreams into their universe, and here and there one is reminded of The Cure, Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode og Finnish cult band This Empty Flow. When Unexploded visits Nemoland it will be an open air event. One could owe them a night concert, as a night black starry sky would be an obvious backdrop for Unexploded's dark edged sci-fi-rock.
Mature and modern, Unexploded's EP hones a slick, alternative dance rock sound that's drenched in the highlights of all things atmospherically seductive. With a dark and brooding greatness, the bass immediately steps in 'Invert' with its driving rhythm to usher in wet synth washes that viciously begin to dominate the aural arena. Unexploded constructs their own signature sound, resulting in an intoxicating juxtaposition of soft, yet dark, electronic beats that climax into layered vocal bliss.
'Bitchslapping A Crocodile' returns to the same ferocity, wavering wood block undertones slowly churn lightly picked guitar lines and sinister low-end vocals into an uneasy electronic mix, conjuring an ominous Vangelis-inspired creepiness that will work the listener's musical imagination deep into the grey and hazy atmospheres. 'Venom' wreaks damage with its sonic bite, dripping synths and guitar lines begin to quickly surround the listener. As a fitting conclusion to the EP, it continues on a darker tint with more of a distorted guitar presence that occasionally breaks up the song's overall cold, dreamy and ambient overtones. Unexploded is a strong musical offering for those who love the combination of rock and synth.
Very interesting with an own style. 'Unavoidable' took residence in my head. Catchy! 'Bitchslapping A Crocodile' is a great dark crawler. Impressive! The other two tracks are fine tunes too. Unexploded's sound is clear with a powerful bass. Music not for the masses but for connoisseurs! Recommended! I wish them the very best for their career, Unexploded deserve attention.
Copenhagen's own Unexploded - A danceable mix of great notes to keep you moving. When music comes along that takes me on a trip, it warms my heart. I found this with this great act from Denmark. From the first song on this cd, Unavoidable, I was hooked, bopping along to this great cd as I listened in my car. Each song is a treat. I look very much forward to hearing what this act has in store for us for the future. As it is, I'm eagerly waiting. Kick ass great music: 9/10
Atmospheric, dark, floating; Unexploded follow their own path on their 4-track demo. The cd is at all times great to listen to, with its loads of rhythms and resounding guitars. The Danes of Unexploded certainly know their craft and definitely belong to the best group of musicians and composers out there.
Very beautiful. 5/5
Good song. Nice groove and atmospheric keyboards, says Mick Glossop, industry veteran having 30+ years of experience in the area of production, mixing and engineering, working with other artists like Suede, Frank Zappa, Gary Numan, Van Morrison, Lloyd Cole, Public Image, Tangerine Dream etc.
Animal rights movement magazine ANIMA interview with Unexploded.
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The interview is available for streaming in Danish in the music player.
Unexploded come to us from Copenhagen, Denmark in Europe. Unexploded's music is catchy, very well produced, nicely written, intense at times, introspective at others, and just over the top at other times... All this adds up to a tremendously listenable package!
Unexploded, Reviewed: 4-track promo EP. Something different for a change! Unexploded's music is a nice breath of fresh air at the moment, and the next time a generic rock-by-numbers band claims to be alternative, I can say 'no', listen to Unexploded - now that's alternative! Its rocky, but in an electro/atmospheric kind of a way, and is, quite frankly, a bit difficult to describe. Think Sonic Youth at their rockiest meets a pissed off Pet Shop Boys with a bit of trip hop chucked in and you might be someway there. And all these elements combine to paint an obscure and haunting landscape that is, quite frankly, very European, very eerie and very very good. Overall? It takes a lot to impress me at the moment, and Unexploded have done just that. If there's any justice in the world, Unexploded are going to be massive.
About To Explode; Unexploded is the musical brainchild of one man of the same name, who acts as lead singer, songwriter and producer. Unexploded mixes alternative-rock with elements of electro and progressive and creates a very intense and energetic sound. He likes to experiment with sounds, and let that creativity run loose. Several EPs have already been released by Unexploded, and songs have appeared on various Danish samplers and soundtracks. For live performances, Unexploded recruits a band of skilled musicians, and during the last few years, several concerts have been absolved, one of them at the prestigious Roskilde Festival.
Unexploded from Copenhagen convinces with big atmospheric electrosounds and cool new wave-style guitars and singing. The mixture is reminiscent of great synthpop acts like Tears For Fears and film music in Ennio Morricone style.
Fresh-Picked Music: Unexploded. A cross between Depeche Mode and Linkin Park? Though that description may seem like an unlikely and possibly unkind sound combination, it's actually quite pleasing. Listen to Unexploded's song 'Invert' and you'll understand. Don't miss the Copenhagen-based act's other stellar hybrid tracks of alternative rock and electronica.
Unexploded is a unique Danish rock act that understands what it means to create alternative rock. With a starting point in lead singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer Unexploded's creative discharges, the act combines its innovative rock sound with elements from both electronica and triphop, which gives the music a very characteristic, intense and international sound. Songs of the act has found its way to shelves on several Danish and foreign compilations and soundtracks, and especially live the compelling and energy filled song universe come to its right.
Unexploded's music is a beautiful creature. A meeting between cold and warm reflecting the lyrics often erotic game between nearness and distance, When the magic dust works, the small hairs on the arms stand erect. Just listen to the distinguished 'Superposition', where the endless waving guitar figure walks hand in hand with an almost nursery song simple melody, or the hazy 'Having You' that exactly feels a little like the first tender, fine sun beams finding their way down through the fog a fresh summer morning. When coming across one of these tracks, one is deeply grateful to have ears! Keep a close eye on when Unexploded goes off, because it can really become something of a flash!